The Vital AI Solution

The greatest source of ongoing effort and cost in Intelligent Applications is managing the flow of data among people, devices, databases, and data streams of algorithmic processing.

Vital AI’s tools dramatically reduce these by creating intelligent data models, which are then deployed across the application architecture. Using the models, the application and the A.I. algorithms are then aware of the nature of the data and can automate processes, reducing the effort and cost necessary to create and manage Intelligent Applications.

Products and Services


Development Kit
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Build Applications using the VDK Toolset.
Generate your data model with VitalSigns.
Use NoSQL database implementations such as DynamoDB, MongoDB, HBase, and Allegrograph.
Use data analysis modules in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Software Development
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Vital AI can provide software development services to implement applications using the Vital AI Development Kit and the Vital AI App Platform.
We can support your team on an hourly or project basis. We have experience in mobile, web, and desktop applications. Let our team help build an Intelligent Application for you.
Data Science Services
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Vital AI can support your team with expertise in data science and data analytics.
Let us focus our expertise in machine learning, natural language processing, and other forms of data analysis, on your needs.